Erasmus+ 2018



From 2014 until now, the private vocational training center “Akademija Leontic” is a user of the “Mobility charter in the field of vocational education and training”. The long-established cooperation between The National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility and the private vocational training center “Akademija Leontic” from Skopje, Macedonia this school year was also a user of a European project, which implied the involvement of the teaching staff and the students in the exchange of experiences with partner vocational schools which were part of the training and the practice the project provided.

The teaching staff and the students from PCSO “Akademija Leontic” – Skopje, in January, February and March 2018, under the Erasmus+ KA1 program, realized trainings in the framework of the project entitled: “Through practice to perfection”.

On the occasion of this project, many prior preparations were realized by the project coordinator, Vaska Leontic. The primary preparations began with the training of the attendants – people who accompanied the students during their two-week stay and this implied the preparation of the whole pedagogical documentation of the participants and their role during the stay, during the project and after its completion.

The next preparations were the nomination and the selection of the teaching staff and the students according to already established criteria and a rulebook for participation in European projects. For the selected students and teaching staff, individually, were organized several informative days during which was explained their role in the training. While meetings were held with the parents and the students for the necessary documentation before their departure, there were also organized seminars, trainings and cultural and pedagogical preparations.

On these seminars and trainings organized by PCSO “Akademija Leontic”, several things were explained: the work and the meaning of the European projects through the ERASMUS+ KA1 programs, the role of the participants, their duties and tasks before, during and after the completion of the project, and also during the dissemination and the evaluation of the project. As a result of these seminars and informative trainings, the selected candidates had the opportunity and the time to think about whether they could respond to the given tasks and engagement expected from them. If this was not the case, they would be, in due time, replaced by students who feel capable of meeting the needs of this project.

Every participant was given a diary for daily activities, which was to be completed during the stay. Every day the students, with the help of their attendants, filled in the diaries and explained how they spent their time during the mobility. In the end of the training, the students had an obligation to fill in the evaluation assessment sheets in which they first assessed the lecturers and the host school, and then the teaching staff assessed the students which participated in the training – the level of their activity, the mastering of the materials and how much were they satisfied from the overall performance of the students during the mobility.

First mobility: students from PCSO “Akademija Leontic” – Skopje were part of a two-week training in Riga, Latvia. The training was realized in the period from 01.14.2018 to 01.29.2018 in the vocational school Competence Centre of Vocational Education“Riga Style and fashion technical chool”

In this mobility participated ten candidates from the field of hairdressing, cosmetic and makeup activities, and one attendant who travelled with them, Afrodita Todorovska, an employee in the Academy and Studio Leotic and a moderator for practical salon work for the personal services such as the work of hairdressers, cosmeticians, masseurs and makeup artists.

The second training, for the teaching staff, was held in Riga, Latvia, in the period from 02.13.2018 to 02.23.2018 in the host schoolCompetence Centre of Vocational Education“Riga Style and fashion technical chool”.

In this mobility participated two teachers in the period from 02.13.2018 to 02.23.2018.

In these schools, the students and the teachers had the opportunity to visit several hairdressing and beauty salons, private and national training center and cultural monuments, and all this as a result of the good organization of the partners who were our hosts and who organized the everyday activities and the training program.

This opportunity is of great significance both for the school and the students, the candidates and the working teaching staff, because it enables keeping up with all the novelties in the cosmetic, hairdressing and makeup profession. Furthermore, the learning through individual mobility creates opportunities for individuals to improve their professional skills and the skills for employment. It also introduces new cultures and increases their cultural awareness, the awareness for diversity, and the acceptance of new traditions, modes and work protocols. During such projects the participants have the opportunity to learn languages. All these contribute to the encouragement of the European spirit and the belonging to the European community.

With the realization of the project, the students gained experience in the field of practical training. They studied new working techniques in the area of hairdressing, cosmetics and makeup services abroad, perfected their skills and acquired new knowledge. They got in touch with a new European protocol and system of work and a different system for the preparation of chemical treatments for hair and face in the function of protecting the environment. They also learned many new working techniques in the area of fashion stylism and visual stylization.

These students and candidates had the opportunity to study the working techniques and skills, and also the opportunity to contemplate in which direction they would develop their careers.

Of particular importance are the certificates acquired by the students in the end of the training. These are: Certificate from the partner in the project from the schools in RIGA and VILNIUS – with the mentor’s opinion – “Europass mobility – Certificate”.

One very important fact is that the mentors in their reports emphasized their satisfaction with the responsibility of the students, their commitment and interest in the work, their eagerness to learn more and to work on complex working techniques using the most sophisticated equipment and tools.

The goals planned during the mobility were realized in their entirety.

The coordinator of these projects is the master lecturer for theoretical and practical training, Vaska Leonic, who, for many years, has been trying to attract foreign partners, to transfer her extensive experience and to present Macedonia as a good host, that is not only our students and candidates to visit foreign schools and institutions, but also these exchanges to be mutually attended and the partnership progress between the schools to continue.


Third mobility: two-week training in which participated students from PSCO “Akademija Leontic” in Vilnius, Lithuania in the period from 02.26.2018 to 03.13.2018 in the host school “Vilniaus paslaugu verslo darbuotoju profesinio rengimo centras”.

In the third mobility participated ten candidates from the field of personal services such as hairdressers, cosmeticians and makeup artists, and one teacher, sociology graduate, Zaneta Arsova Stojanova, as an attendant who monitored the students during their stay.